Friday, February 10, 2012

First step: Home management Binder

I am not a photographer in the least so please excuse the bad photos but here are some shots of the finished product of my home management binder.

Yes it was a lot of work and yes it took time I stole some time during nap time or stayed up a little late at times I also used the time when my husband was home to corral my daughter.

What's in it? 
year at a glance
Month by month calendars
3 months of calanders (used a calendar template in open office) for:
Play and Learn Activities ( I fill this one in weekly but keep 3 months worth of record to see what  activities we've done)
School (for my husband and I)
Fitness (my excercise plan)
Work and related activities (My husbands work schedule, PT schedule, his tasking for deployment window dates, as well as anything else that pops up.
Family info
Online Passwords- SAA
emergency info-SAA
birthday organizer-SAA
kids info- SAA
Wallet contents- SAA
Medical info
To Do
Basic medical info- SAA
Symptom/medicine tracker- SAA
take out directory-SAA
phone directory-SAA
To Do
Week at a glance
To do
Daily chore checklist (I made my own but there are tons out there I just didn't find any that had my  exact list on there. but google 'daily chore printables' and I am sure you will find some.) 
To Do
Week at a Glance
Menu Planning
Menu Plans (I currently have 4 weeks worth in this section)
Pantry Inventory- SAA
Health & Fitness
Week at a Glance
To Do
Glasses a day sheet ( homemade to mark off how much water I have a day)
Exercise Log (to keep me accountable I keep track of what I ACTUALLY did a day as well as the  previous calendar of plans)
To Do
Week at a glance
Price book- SAA
What's in season Calendar (I also use it to keeep farmer's market dates in)
How to buy better clothes for less ( I used Printfriendly to print this as well)
Week at a glance
Week at a glance
Week at a Glance
Week at a Glance
To Do
Movies To See (homemade fill in the blank list) I did this because I am forever thinking of movies I want my daughter to see or that me and my husband see in credits and say hey I want to see that.
Family Council Discussion sheet (Homemade to suit our family meeting needs)
My Section
To Do
Books to Read ( Homemade list similar to Movies to watch)
Things I love to do (Homemade- purpose is to do one thing a day from the list to help you enjoy life a little more even on busy days)
5 things to be grateful for (homemade, goal is to write 5 things/day or week to remember to be thankful on more days of the year)
My daughter's Section
Week at a glance
To Do
Notes (Homemade)
FCC child care Sheet ( it's about local providers from our airbase.... in case I ever need a back up baby sitter)
My husband's Section
Week at a Glance
To Do
Love Note (Homemade- I just put a heart and the words Love note on it... I leave him one and open the binder under his lunch box so he sees it before work everyday.
Weekly menu Planner (often I have something different for his breakfast or lunch so this is where I keep track of his different schedule.

Pictures of the sheets I made (once I figure out how I will get links to them on my printables page!):

This is just an example of one of my schedules (cleaning) as you can see I'm still adjusting bits.

My personal daily chore list.

To keep track of my water intake.

 Hope you got some inspiration and I will be putting these links on my printables page and in the near future some of my own. Want a closer look at something? Let me know!

I'll post again soon with more of my journey.